The first thing you need to know about stress (the Danish term for “burnout”) is that you are not alone, not do you have to deal with it alone. 430.000 Danes, amounting to 10-12 % of the population, experience symptoms of severe stress every day. I have experienced succumbing to too much stress, myself. Stress has become commonplace, which is both good and bad. Bad because it affects us so negatively, both individually and on a societal level – but good because it means there are many resources and much help to be had, precisely because there is so much focus on it.
How do you know you suffer from stress?
Symptoms vary from person to person, but if you have several of the following, you can consider discussing it with your doctor or health professional, who can advise you: Sleeplessness, fatigue, inner unease, irritability, anxiety, performance loss, difficulty with concentration or memory. There may be physical symptoms such as headache, stomach pain, palpitations and digestive problems, weight loss or gain, and a higher alcohol intake or tobacco usage.:
What can you do?
Treatment of stress needs to be tailored to your needs, as we are all unique individuals with our own thought patterns, emotional responses and not least, stress factors. When you are suffering from stress, you need both tools and support to help you to your feet again and create change in your life.
Begin with a visit to your doctor, who can sometimes diagnose stress by your symptoms alone and give advice and referral if needed. You may find it beneficial to seek other professional help with your challenges; you can discuss this with your doctor.
Hypnotherapy and NLP treatment is well suited to the treatment of stress as it can change thought patterns, works on a subconscious level and can be quick and effective. There are several other treatment modalities which can also help. In fact a holistic approach is optimal, where you combine the modalities that suit you best.
Self-help methods can take you far. Beyond the ones you probably know of, such as a healthy lifestyle: healthy food, exercise which you enjoy and enough sleep, you can also obtain a feeling of greater control of your life by modifying your interpretation of what happens in your externl life, as well as the stories you tell yourself.
Some stress can be avoided by learning to delegate and saying “no” and you can learn to adapt to that which you cannot avoid, with methods like mindfulness, which is a most effective strategy. For some, creativity is very enriching; and Neurographica can be a good tool to have. Read more about this method here.
By finding and amplifying your inner resources with the help of NLP and hypnosis, you can modify your responses to the situations you encounter, so they become adaptive and effective. When your interpretation of situations you encounter causes you problems, you can, by changing those interpretations, begin to see possibilities instead of limitations.
Hypnosis and NLP treatment can be especially effective at changing the life that made you unwell, to a life with energy and joy, where you manage your stress and prioritise your quality of life, to the benefit of yourself and those around you.
Contact me today on email or by telephone 60 57 70 87 and look forward to a brighter everyday where you can cope with what you need to with energy and a more positive outlook. We will look at your unique challenges and find your specific solutions, together.

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Foto: Luis VillasmilUnsplash