Hypnosis Audio files

Audio files are hypnosis sessions that target a specific theme. It can be powerful and effective to listen to a session repeatedly, and by buying an audio file, you are able to do this.

An audio file cannot replace a session where we work specifically with your problem and adjust the hypnosis to your needs, but if the theme is something you want to work with, it can support your goals.

My recommendation is that you listen once a day for a week, and thereafter according to need.

Sleep well

Do you struggle to fall asleep and stay asleep throughout the night? This file guides you into a deeply relaxed state and from there into sleep, with suggestions for a good night’s sleep and ease of falling asleep in future.   ©2023 Karen Holten 

20:46 min 


Do you struggle to get motivated? Is it difficult to  get around to those things you know you should get done? This file which will help you on your way. Avoid procrastination and get it done.   ©2023 Karen Holten

21:43 min

Peace and Wellbeing

Have you become so stressed out that everything moves too quickly and you feel inadequate because you feel you cannot keep up? This audio file will help you to take things at your own, manageable pace and know that you are good enough, just as you are. For when you need to gear down and relax for a moment, to be able to tackle what you have to do. ©2023 Karen Holten

 19:12 min


Are you tired and exhausted? Are your energy levels low, even though you have a healthy lifestyle? Sometimes we cannot see the wood for the trees and when we have too much in our heads, it can drain our energy. This audio file helps you to find the energy in yourself, to carry out what you want to. ©2023 Karen Holten

18:42 min

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