Get motivated (audio)


Do you struggle to get motivated? Is it difficult to get around to those things you know you should get done? Avoid procrastination and get it done.   ©2023 Karen Holten

21:43 min



Are you struggling to stay motivated to get things done? Increase your motivation to take action and tackle your tasks with energy and inner drive, so you can better achieve your goals. It assists you in overcoming any blockages, limitations, or procrastination that have held you back.

You learn to replace any negative thought patterns with positive and empowering thoughts. By the end of the session, you can feel motivated and ready to tackle your tasks.

It is important to listen to the audio file several times for it to be effective. I recommend listening once a day for two weeks, and then as needed. Make sure you can listen undisturbed and without doing anything else.

The audio file is provided in two versions: with and without music, so you can choose to listen to the one you prefer.

To boost the effectiveness of this hypnosis session, here are some tips for things you can do yourself to become more motivated:

  1. Done is better than perfect. Perfectionism keeps you trapped in a feeling of paralysis and fear. Remember that you can pass an exam with a grade of 2 and that a grade of 10 is an excellent grade! Getting it finished really is much better than getting it perfect.
  2. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. What is the smallest bite you can take to get started? What is the next little bite? By taking small bites, you make progress without feeling overwhelmed.
  3. Take notice of what you have accomplished. Don’t tell yourself, “but it doesn’t count because I’m not done yet.” You have already gotten out of the starting gate, and if you don’t acknowledge that, you’ll become discouraged. Make a list and check off what you have done. (Not an electronic list where you delete what you’ve done because then you can’t see what you’ve already accomplished, only what still has to be done.)
  4. When you have worked on a task but not completed it, end your work session by making a small Do-It-Now note for when you next continue working on the task, while this is fresh in your mind. Write down 3 SMALL, EASY things you can start with. These are small “elephant bites” that make it much easier, faster and more efficient to get started again.
  5. Investigate the Pomodoro Technique. Maybe it’s something for you? In short, it’s a technique where you work in “chunks” of 25 minutes at a time and then take short breaks of 5 minutes in between.
  6. Investigate Bullet Journalling. Maybe it’s something that will work for you? In short, it’s a journal where you keep track of what needs to be done and ALSO what has been done, both big and small tasks.