Sexual wellbeing and freedom

 A sex life that makes you happy

Your sexuality matters

What would it be like to enjoy and feel at ease with your natural sensuality and sexuality? For many of us, sex and desire are shrouded with inhibitions and taboos. Sexual dysfunctions are not something we talk about. But eroticism, sex and desire contribute to our happiness in life.

If you struggle to obtain the sexual enjoyment you wish and this is a problem for you, I would love to help you be free.

Hypnotherapy can be an effective treatment for many sexual problems.

You should always first visit your doctor to rule out any medical conditions. Once your doctor has given you the go-ahead to seek other treatment, contact me so I can help, by completing the form below or calling me on +4560577087.

I help women with

Low sex drive/libido

Problems with achieving orgasm

Painful sex

Involuntary vaginal muscle contraction (vaginismus)

Shame, blame and low sexual self esteem

Difficulty with arousal

Menopause-related problems

I am trained in Sexual Freedom Hypnosis by Kaz Riley, a leading hypno- and sex therapist in the UK, who teaches and lectures worldwide, while also running a private practice. 

It is estimated that over 40% of the population have one or another form of sexual dysfunction or problem. You are very far from alone! 

Sexual freedom hypnotherapy is modern and effective, strictly confidential, non-judgmental and freeing.

Karen Holten

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I am an LGBTQIA+ friendly and BDSM friendly therapist. All sessions are strictly confidential, respectful and non-judgmental.