Privacy Policy

This privacy policy contains information about how your personal data are handled, when you visit my home page (hereafter Home Page) or when you sign up to receive my newsletter.

The policy contains information about the categories of personal data I handle, how I handle them. when the data are deleted and with whom I share them. You will also find more information about your rights in relation to my handling of your personal data.

If you have any questions about this privacy policy or wish to claim your rights, you can contact me via

Karen Holten


Studio Statera, Mageløs 12, 5000 Odense C


Which personal data do I collect and for what purpose?

I collect personal information about you when you visit my Home Page and when you give explicit consent to receiving my newsletter.

If you are a visitor to my Home Page I will, where relevant, collect information about your navigation on the Home Page, including your IP address and which pages you visit. In addition to this, the Home Page places cookies in your browser. In cases where an action is based on your consent, this may at any time be withdrawn, after which I no longer have a right to store or handle your information.

My purpose for collecting the abovementioned personal data is

·       to comply with relevant legislation

·       to ensure that the Home Page functions optimally

Cookies uses Cookies.
A cookie is a text file which is stored on the device you are using (PC, tablet, mobile phone etc) for the purpose of recognising your unit  on subsequent visits to the Home Page, and compile statistics. Cookies cannot contain harmful codes, such as viruses. The Home Page contains cookies from third party partners which to various extents, perform statistics and marketing:

– Facebook

Your rights

When I handle your personal data, you can claim the right to ask me to delete or remove your details. If you have a grievance about the way I have handled your data, you can complain to the Danish Data Authorities on

If you wish to claim your rights, you can direct this to me on

Changes to Privacy Policy

Changes may need to be made to this privacy policy. I encourage you to peruse this policy from time to time to keep up to date on how I handle your personal data.

Last updated December  2022.