I also offer an exciting new form of coaching called Neurographica® – a proven transformational method for finding subconscious solutions to challenges and problems, and for reaching goals.

No artistic talents are required at all.

You are guided to draw your challenges as simple lines and shapes, identify resources and goals. You then colour the larger shapes and integrate them, while we talk about your issue and what the elements in your drawing mean to you.

Through this drawing process, new connections are created in your brain and you discover your own inner guidance and personal strengths.

Neurographica® creates positive physiological changes in the neuronal networks of the brain and is a technique by which we can both access our subconscious inner resources, as well as create connections to outer resources. It transforms and changes our thinking patterns.

Neurographica® was developed and patented by Professor Pavel Piskarev from the Institute of Psychology and Creativity at Moscow University in 2014. 

Unleash your creativity and connect with your own inner wisdom!

Clients say

“For me, it was very rewarding. Neurographica gives time, space and peace to work with your challenges. This form of coaching is gentle and Karen guides you securely through a couple of sessions. Suddenly I have found resources to cope with my noise sensitivity and I am much less disturbed by sounds and noise than before.” 


“Neurographica – it helps! I was able to unlock my problem and find a solution via the drawings. I can warmly recommend it.”  


”Neurographica with Karen is really effective coaching, which gives peace and a sense of ease. It’s like being in a room where the focus is entirely on my situation, my challenges and not least, my wishes. I became aware of my strengths and my options, which arose from my challenge. After the session, I was able to handle my situation with strength and calmness as well as make good decisions. It is a gentle form of coaching which gives tangible insights. I can warmly recommend Neurographica for all manner of problems and life situations, both work-related and in private life.”