Sleep well stories 1


Sleep stories for adults are intended to fall asleep to, and for playing while you are sleeping. The metaphorical stories are hypnotic in nature and contain suggestions about relaxation and sleeping well. They also provide a focus to listen to, should you awaken in the night, as an antidote to ruminating, so you can easier fall asleep again.



This audio file contains hypnotic sleep stories for your subconscious mind, with positive suggestions of relaxation and good sleep. There are sounds of rain and beach waves in the background. You do not have to listen to all of it, or interpret, or understand anything in it. You don’t have to do anything at all, the purpose is to fall asleep while you listen. You start the file when you are ready to sleep.

This file is available to listen to prior to purchase, on my YouTube channel. I’m aware that advertisements play at high volume at the end of videos on YouTube, which isn’t much good if you’ve just fallen asleep!

The price point on sleep stories is deliberately set low .