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I help you achieve change so you can reclaim your happiness.

You’re not helpless.

You deserve to be happy.

Hypnotherapy is a powerful short-term form of treatment, which can help you let go of your problems.

Take control of your thoughts

Lose anxiety and find calm

Strengthen your self esteem

Become happy again

Let go of the shame and blame

Reclaim your joy and freedom

Embrace the authentic you


Sessions are done online, in the security and comfort of your own home, regardless of where there is in the world.

Audio files

Listen to audio sessions about specific problems, which you would like to work with.

How can I help you?

We combine a therapeutic discussion of your problem and your goals, with hypnotic treatment. This causes the change to happen both consciously and subconsciously. And this results in faster, more effective change. 

How does it feel?

For the vast majority, hypnosis just feels like a very deep relaxation. 

Can everyone be hypnotised?

Virtually everyone can be hpnotised if they want to be. We do not always need a deep trance for change to happen; often a light trance is all that is needed, to have an effect. 

How many treatments will I need?

This varies, but generally 1-5 sessions are needed. It depends on how long you have had the problem and how motivated you are, to do what is necessary to change it. The stronger your motivation, the better the result.

Can you make my problem go away?

I’m afraid I cannot do this for you. You need to be prepared to engage with the therapy. Hypnosis cannot override that which you won’t confront and process.

Can you help me with my specific problem?

Many, many problems can be helped with the use of hypnotherapy Contact me to hear about yours. You can also read about the most common problems I treat on this page.

What does it require from me?

Hypnotherapy is not passive; it requires that you participate actively in the process and are prepared to challenge your thoughts and feelings, with my help, of course.

Where can I read more about this?

You can read more about hypnosis, hypnotherapy and NLP therapy on this page.

Listen to a short hypnosis session

This audio file, named Inner Peace, is a hypnosis session for when you have a busy daily life or overcrowded thoughts, and is ideal for when you need a break. It is 13 minutes in length, so you can listen to it in a coffee break and afterwards feel relaxed, refreshed and ready to continue with your day. However you should never listen while driving or operating machinery.

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Clients say

“It was an incredible comfortable and positive experience. After just one session I can feel how the hypnosis and our discussion has given me much new insight and clarity about my problem. I felt very safe and listened to. Karen is an incredibly warm and trustworthy person.”


“I had a good, calm experience with you and we talked about some things I hadn’t expected had relevance. It helped me narrow down some things, which had been very vague for me before. Just as I left, I looked at myself in the mirror and smiled automatically, so already there had been a physical change. I also feel more calm and am better at being present in a place where I like to be.” 


“Your calmness and empathy provides safety and trust, so that the best conditions for a good result, are present. The methods you use are just so simple, but how fantastic the effect is – I am SO grateful to you for helping me remove some difficulties, so my life is much easier.  ​​A gentle way to give my body and soul a nudge, so they can handle the “repair” themselves. No hocus pocus, just words in a light meditative state – thank you for your help!” 


“I can feel there has been a change. This morning, I woke up happy and without discomfort in my solar plexus. The session itself was really interesting, as I had not thought I would be able to be hypnotized.”


“It was a really good experience! Karen has a pleasant voice and a calm and confidence-inspiring energy, and I felt very comfortable. I was positively surprised at how relaxed I was, quite quickly, during the hypnosis. It almost felt like I was glued to the chair. A really exciting and fruitful session!


“I have only recently heard about hypnotherapy and was rather skeptical. In this horrible corona time I had gained weight, my pants were tight and I felt ill at ease. I sought out Karen who guided me onto the right path! I now weigh the same as I did 12 years ago and best of all, I can maintain this weight! Thank you for the treatment, from a grateful client.”


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